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Why this guide

The first difficulty I met, while trying to visit Belgrade, was that there were no guides of the city, nor for that matters guides of Serbia, available for sale in any language other than Serbian. Touristic information was in general both difficult to find and unreliable. This is only in part the fault of the Serbs themselves. All the touristic guides of Yugoslavia, compiled before the dissolution of most of the federation, are now out of date, and have gone out of print without being replaced by updated ones, at least not for Serbia. Moreover, the rapid and surprising changes in the political and economical situation have made objectively difficult to provide up to date information.

For this reason, having visited Belgrade for only ten days, I decided that the touristic information, which I gathered for my own use, is good enough to be useful to the visitors who will follow me. This at least until the situation is fundamentally improved by the intervention of both the local authorities in charge of touristic promotion and the big publishers of touristic guides. I do understand that I can be accused of being amateurish, but of course I am an amateur, therefore I am below any possible criticism coming from the professionals.

This guide has to be considered free software, that is, it is copyrighted, it can be copied and redistributed by anyone, but cannot be incorporated into any commercial product.

WARNING: because of difficulties with the most common web browser, I have been forced to remove the accents, which are essential to fully transcribe the Serb cyrillic alphabet in the Latin one. In the printed version there are all the accents (that is, the ones I did not miss).

Andrea Milani Comparetti
Mon Mar 29 16:22:03 MET DST 1999