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Saturday morning

The light filtering between the boards wakens me up, and in less than no time I go and test the light switch. The light goes on, thus the electric power is back, and I can at once sit down at the computer and try; although this is not recommended by the manual, I type directly

C:> eyesof ben [yussuf]

and stay, staring the screen almost dark:

Establishing connection.................................

until it says:

Connection timed out

Then I turn the computer off, stand up, dress, and go brush my teeth. In the bathroom I find my father shaving.

-What are you doing today? Always at the computer? -he asks me. Lucky me, I have a good excuse not to answer, I am brushing my teeth.

Back in front of the screen, I browse listlessly through the address book. Actually I would like to connect with Yussuf, but I cannot. Then I do as recommended by the user's manual: if you do not know what to choose, push

random choice
The screen stays dark for a long time, the message

Connection timed out

appears two or three times, but in the end the program finds a possible connection. I am in Kathy's room. In her place it is very early morning, but Kathy always goes to bed with the micro-camera on her, she too is happy if somebody connects. Thus I wait with patience her awakening, and only when I see her stretch I say hello.

-Hi Kathy, it is Ben.

-Hi... how do you do... I am so sleepy! But please do not go away, I will stand up now.

Kathy dresses quickly and without looking down, not to be seen by me. The girls are quaint, what does she believe? When she is ready she asks what I would like to do.

-It is still too early, my mother is fast asleep. But I can get out if you like.

And so we get out... that is, she gets out from her flat and goes downstairs. They live in a road widening which does not deserve the name of square, there are burned down cars, a lawn which has almost no grass left, some shops with boarded up windows.

-Which war has been on here? -I let slip. I always talk too much.

-Well, if you do not like to come here with me, you go with some friend who lives in a neat place -Kathy is really resentful.

-You see, Kathy, you are more or less the neatest person I have on my address book.

-You are teasing me.

-I am not joking... unfortunately.

I stay some more in Kathy's eyes, and she plays hide and seek among the ruins of her neighbourhood. When it is time for her to go back home, before her mother wakes up and has a fit because she is missing, I leave her.

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Andrea Milani
Sat Sep 20 08:55:36 MET DST 1997