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The return journey

The ambulance stopped right in front of the entrance to Keflavík airport; the nurses unloaded the stretcher on which I lay and pushed it through the air terminal. We passed right in front of the Icelandair desk, where there was the same clerk with whom I had discussed about my ticket, such a long time ago; I would have liked to make her recognize me, but I could not. On the runway the air ambulance was waiting for me: my insurance, giving full cover for illness and accident, was valid for longer than my notorious air ticket. Right before closing the airplane door, the airport hostess smiled at me and said:

--I wish you a quick recovery, and see you in Iceland.

The lighthouse at Dyrhólaey is by Andrea and Paolo Milani.


The lighthouse at Dyrhólaey is as described in the story, apart from the room at the middle floor, which is not open to the public.

Andrea Milani
Fri May 5 08:45:48 MET DST 1995