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Eating Serb

The most typical food of the Serbs is rostili  , that is the grill  : grilled meat is also the most common fast food, and is also available in the restaurants. As an example:

Should be served with lepinja (a rather generic name, indicating different kinds of bread, including the flat one resembling the Italian piadina), and possibly with either srpska salata (tomatoes, onions, cucumber, at least) or sopska salata (idem plus cheese). Grill kiosks can be found everywhere, but especially in Skadarlija .

If, after having tried the Serb grill, you still would like to go back to American style hamburgers, you do not deserve any help, thus I will not tell you were is the Belgrade Mac Donald.

I Other forms of roast meat:

Some other Serb dishes I can recommend:

The bakeries have cakes which are very good, but mostly not original of Serbia: they belong either to the Austrian or to the Turkish tradition. The only exclusively Serb dessert is zito, a kind of porridge (made with wheat) flavored with almonds, nuts and raisins, and served with whipped cream: the luxury version of an obviously rural food.

You can also consult the serbian cuisine home page on , at

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