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In the eastern part of the old city, which used to be a Bohemian (in the sense of Rom, or Tzigan) quarter, there are several streets with interesting shops and well preserved buildings. In particular you should visit Skadarlija  , which is the familiar name of the street, whose actual name is Skadarska, and which is immediately east of Republic Square . In this pedestrian only street the appearance of the city, as it was in the 19th and early 20th century. Restaurants and pubs fill most of it with their open air tables, there are art galleries and bakeries open all night, folk groups singing either gypsy music of traditional city music, people dressed in traditional Serb costumes (presumably supported by the local touristic organizations).

This is a place for families, full of children, but also of young couples; a place to taste the typical rostili , that is grill  with a pivo (beer), and to spend an evening talking with friends. The few tourists now visiting Belgrade mix with the local people, here more than everywhere else in the city.

Andrea Milani Comparetti
Mon Mar 29 16:22:03 MET DST 1999